In 2007 Marriner's Landscaping Inc. started installing Natural Travertine Pavers around pools due to the absence of heat while touching the stone, always providing for a comfortable barefoot stroll over your patio. We quickly started installing Travertine for steps, railings, and pool coping. We template these areas so that large pieces of coping/step treads can be installed instead of the typical 6"x12" pieces which show a lot of joining seems.

Travertine is a sedimentary calciferous stone formed in hot springs. Typically, hot water passes through limestone beds and takes the calcium from the limestone suspension and takes that solution to the surface where the water evaporates and leaves the calcium crystals in layers on the surface. Because travertine is formed in hot springs, there is no metal content in the stone, therefore, it never gets hot. Travertine can be cut on either a "vein" cut, which is against the bedding which reveals the bedding planes, or a "feuri" cut, which is along the bedding plane and reveals floral patterns, often circular. This cut is also referred to as a "crosscut" pattern.

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