In 2009, Marriner's Landscaping Inc. is starting an in-ground pool installation division. We will now have the ability to design and install pools that fit with our landscapes. By installing our own pools, we can now eliminate the stresses of coordination amongst many different contractors and your pool will now be installed with more efficiency. Being that there are only a few months of summer, time is of the essence when installing a pool.

We can also customize the pool coping so that large sections of coping will be installed instead of the standard 6" x 12" pieces.

"A cleaner, neater & classier look."

Since 1993, Marriner's Landscaping Inc. has been installing ponds and water features. We have perfected the installation of water features that require as little maintenance as possible. We also install pondless waterfalls, which eliminate the liability of installing an open pond in your front yard. Now you can enjoy the and sound of a waterfall without the hassles that come with open pools. We use pressure and biological filters as well as UV lights, which greatly reduce the amount of maintenance required as in previous years.

Marriner's Landscaping is a fully licensed and insured landscape company. Our company is a professionally owned and operated landscape company which offers a wide array of services. Our Mission is: "Quality Landscaping, Effectively Delivered." We strive to provide the best possible landscape work in the southern New Jersey area. Our vision is "To Provide Continuous Professional Landscaping through a Fully Coordinated System of Employees, Services, and Customers."