In the state of New Jersey, an irrigation installer must be state licensed to install irrigation. The state has mandated this due to the improper installation of sprinkler systems over the years. With water as such a precious resource, we cannot afford to abuse it. Marriner's Landscaping Inc. is one of the few companies in southern New Jersey that is state licensed. Our license number is: 0021580.

If other claim to be licensed, demand to see their license card in order to protect yourself. If the state inspectors see companies installing that are not licensed, they will fine the contractor and shut the job down immediately. This now becomes a problem for you, the homeowner.

Marriner's Landscaping is a fully licensed and insured landscape company. Our company is a professionally owned and operated landscape company which offers a wide array of services. Our Mission is: "Quality Landscaping, Effectively Delivered." We strive to provide the best possible landscape work in the southern New Jersey area. Our vision is "To Provide Continuous Professional Landscaping through a Fully Coordinated System of Employees, Services, and Customers."